Computers and IT Support in English

PERFECT-IT offers PC support in English to domestic users in an area that covers Tarare, Amplepuis and across the Beaujolais

Based in St Just d'Avray in the Vallée d'Azergues and close to the Lac des Sapins, we can help with any PC problems you may have such as slow or dead systems, viruses or malware or an intermittent internet connection.

We also supply new Dell laptop and desk PCs which are available in English or French and with QWERTY or AZERTY keyboards. We offer a repair service for all types of PCs and can supply accessories such as batteries and power supplies for laptops.

We also work with IT Outsourcing companies from the UK and elsewhere who require local support with new installations or breakdowns for their customers across the Rhone Alpes region.

Please use the contact page to get in touch and see how we can help you.


If you have......

  • A Slow or dead PC ?
  • Problems connecting to the Internet ?
  • Difficulty in installing a programme ?
  • Deleted a file you want back ?
  • A PC full of viruses or spyware ?
  • Other software problems ?

    Then contact us and we will help

    If you are looking for information on our English language editing and correction services, they have moved here:
    English Optimisation